Symphony Cycle

A patented solution that recycles waste heat into usable energy

Recycle waste into energy

Our patented Symphony Cycle is a quick-win solution that unlocks previously unattainable energy savings. We achieve this by using coolers as heaters to recycle building waste heat into both usable heat and chilled water cooling. Requiring zero or near-zero input energy, it is estimated the process delivers 10%–20% energy savings, helping you to save money, achieve your net zero targets, and ensure building occupants remain comfortable.


Effortless rollout

Enjoy immediate access as Symphony Cycle only requires a series of tailored algorithms to be added to your BMS/BAS system.

Licensing model

Leverage the solution as and when required by licensing the technology solution on a rolling basis.

Substantial savings

Introduce Symphony Cycle to save up to 10% on total building heating energy and 10% on HVAC electricity energy using our tailored algorithms alone – or up to 20% if combined with minor physical plant enhancements.

Innovative technology for hitting net zero targets

Symphony Cycle has been designed to help you meet Paris 2050 energy targets without compromising on the comfort of your buildings:

• No retrofitting required
• No additional equipment needed
• Implemented on BMS/BAS systems
• Easy-to-manage licensing model
• Up to 20% energy savings
• Awarded worldwide patent.

Licensing & implementation

Users can purchase a license and deploy Symphony Cycle themselves using their preferred controls contractors to apply the HVAC programming. We can provide technical support where necessary.

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