Next generation energy performance.

Let's rethink the way that buildings use energy to create a more sustainable, energy-efficient future for business.

Discover Symphony Cycle

Let's rethink the way that buildings use energy to create a more sustainable, energy-efficient future for business.

Transform your building’s
energy performance

We make buildings smarter, healthier and more energy efficient, enabling you to hit your net zero targets while making substantial savings.

Pioneering solutions
for existing buildings
and new designs

We are award-winning sustainability specialists who deliver bespoke energy solutions that can reduce your building’s gas and electric costs by up to 80% — without the need for invasive retrofits or costly equipment.

Our benefits

Net zero delivered

Meet your 2030 and 2050 emissions targets quickly and cost-efficiently as they are paid for by the savings generated by our innovative solutions.

Sustainability measured

Measure the savings we generate with our verifiable reporting that demonstrates the efficacy of our products and your improved energy performance.

ESG optimised

Deliver on all critical elements of your environmental policy with a solution tailored to your specific building and its energy needs.

Demand managed

Enjoy maximum energy efficiency, no matter the demand, without compromising on comfort with our Symphony Cycle offering.

Smart technology for smarter
building management

Building optimisation doesn’t need to be expensive, invasive or disruptive. We have developed a series of smart solutions that are easy to install and offer powerful functionality.

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Waste Heat Recycling

Enjoy additional savings only achievable with our patented Symphony Cycle

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Building Energy Optimisation

Uncover how much our Building Energy Optimisation programme can reduce costs

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Partner with a world class team of engineers and technologists.

We are committed to developing smart tech that delivers better, more efficient energy performance. And our approach is proven to work – for over a decade now, we’ve been helping clients consume less and save more (and earning a host of awards for our cutting edge work along the way).

Our success stories

See how we've transformed building energy performance and efficiency for some of Britain and Ireland’s biggest brands and respected organisations.

Tesco National Distribution Centre

We helped Tesco save 64% on gas heating costs and 63% on HVAC electricity costs within a three-year payback.

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McCann Fitzgerald

We delivered 78% total building gas savings and 86% HVAC electricity savings for the leading Irish law firm.

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We enabled the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland to save 30% in total building gas and HVAC electricity across 10 buildings.

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The first project to be deployed with Symphony Energy’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) with smartphone control.

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