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The development of Symphony Energy

Symphony Energy stemmed from the specialist energy engineering solutions developed since 2006 by Ascough Consulting Engineers.

When specifying the BMS control system for eircom’s HQ in Dublin, Ascough Consulting Engineers went beyond their normal consulting engineering duties and produced control algorithms to be programmed by the controls sub-contractor. This was necessary because the building was featuring a series of ambitious energy solutions which needed to perform as a composite system. The controls needed to be sophisticated to meet the performance criteria and they needed to work first time. This project subsequently won the Irish Property Award for ‘Sustainable Property of the Year’ in 2008 and the SEAI Energy Award for ‘Sustainable Building of the Year’ in 2009.

Ascough Consulting Engineers began to tackle existing building stock and devise novel site specific energy saving solutions that could deliver large savings without significant capital expenditure. Of particular note was the solutions applied to Friends First in Cherrywood. Total building savings of 40% for gas and 40% for electricity were achieved on this 70,000sq.ft 2002 building. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) subsequently did a Case Study on this project entitled ‘Innovative Approach Leads to Extraordinary Savings at Friends First’.

PricewaterhouseCoopers subsequently followed with energy savings up to 40% on gas and electricity savings approaching 30% on their already efficient 2007 building. The roll out of energy solutions helped uncover some pinch points on the heating and cooling systems for which low cost solutions were provided. Once these are fully implemented the total building electricity savings are expected to exceed 30% and total building gas savings to exceed 40%.

Ascough Consulting Engineers became increasingly aware that the implementation of solutions with deep energy saving potential could be better achieved if the designer of the solution could directly program the solution management into the BMS controls. This controls system programmer needed to understand the building physics as well as the design and operational parameters of the building. It was also evident that the future use of the BMS controls in maintaining the energy savings needed to include a simple client user interface so the client can make the necessary changes without having to engage with the complexity of the program algorithms.

To this end, the equipment manufactured by Loytec in Austria was found to fully compliment the aspirations of Ascough Consulting Engineers in delivering optimal, affordable energy solutions with ease of use for the client. From this, Symphony Energy was born – combining specialist building energy engineering with a complimentary BMS/IT platform.