Symphony Welltech

More than an IAQ sensor

Our custom-built Welltech sensors go beyond simple air quality control to include light, temperature, occupancy and other key building metrics. This level of insight enables you to monitor, control and create optimal indoor conditions based on comfort, use and energy efficiency, resulting in bigger savings, greater net zero alignment and improved occupant welfare.

Better control of your buildings

Symphony Welltech has options for over a dozen data inputs fully customisable to your requirements. Get the data you need to run your buildings safely and efficiently.


Complete control

Tailor the Symphony Welltech to your specific building requirements by taking advantage of over a dozen fully customisable data inputs.

Balanced approach

Use our sensors to secure the right balance between efficient energy use and occupant comfort throughout all your building’s spaces.

Humidity checks

Maintain sufficient humidity levels to satisfy occupants as well as save on the maintenance/replacement costs of your HVAC system.

Illuminating solution

Identify the level of light needed to satisfy occupant needs while cutting down on energy wastage caused by over-lit/unnecessarily-lit spaces.

Space optimisation

Leverage Welltech’s presence detection to automatically control environmental conditions within individual building spaces in real-time.

Chemical dispersal

Ventilate more efficiently to reduce the risk of harmful chemicals that can irritate occupant respiratory systems and skin.

Particles matter

Establish preventative measures and make more informed air filter choices to combat the health threats posed by microscopic solids.

Noise control

Single out high background noises that risk occupant wellbeing and productivity before introducing effective countermeasures.

All seeing

Count the number of people in a space automatically so any area – or any combination of areas – can be more efficiently and safely managed.

Managing the new normal

Using Symphony Energy’s demand automation technology, our sensors reduce the risk of airborne transmission by constantly monitoring airflow and CO2 levels, ensuring workspaces are always adequately ventilated to your preset parameters. Benefits include:

Discover Symphony Cloud

Real-time insight, analytics and control

Combined with Symphony Cloud, our data visualisation and control platform, Symphony Welltech offers you the most powerful facilities management tool currently available:

• Automated energy optimisation and IAQ
• More informed decision making
• Fingertip control of your building’s systems
• Automated and predictive maintenance alerts
• Asset lifecycle tracking.

Demand automation technology plays a key role in reaching net-zero by turning your building into a smart, energy efficient one.

Much more than an IAQ sensor

Our sensors have the ability to monitor and also control key metrics for optimal indoor conditions which go beyond air quality control to include light, temperature, occupancy, and more. This allows your facilities manager to receive and respond to data about the comfort, use, and energy efficiency of each space.

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