Symphony Welltech

Our custom-built multisensors offer you the most comprehensive, insightful view of your buildings — a key step towards increased energy savings, net zero alignment, and occupant welfare.

Better control of your buildings

Symphony Welltech has options for over a dozen data inputs fully customisable to your requirements. Get the data you need to run your buildings safely and efficiently.



Inappropriate room temperatures can lead to a high volume of complaints from occupants. Balance between energy usage and occupants’ needs.

Relative Humidity

Inadequate or insufficient moisture can affect both your occupants’ comfort and the health and longevity of your HVAC system. Maintain sufficient humidity to satisfy occupants and save on maintenance or replacement costs.


Over-lighting a space needlessly increases your energy expense and carbon impact. Use the right amount of light to satisfy occupants while not wasting energy.


Throughout the day, people move about a building, varying the needs in a given space. Symphony Welltech multi-sensors have in-built presence detection to control environmental conditions according to use.


CO2 levels are a crucial indicator of quantity of airflow, and efficient airflow is a key factor in clearing aerosol particles which may be carrying COVID-19. Control airflow efficiently to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in your buildings.

Chemicals (TVOC)

Everyday materials carry harmful chemicals which can irritate the respiratory system and skin. Ventilate efficiently to reduce this risk and boost occupants’ health.

Particulate Matter (PM)

Particulate matter contains microscopic solids that can be inhaled and lead to health problems. This kPI can help determine preventative measures and guide the selection and maintenance of air filters


High background noise can impede wellbeing and productivity. This can be tackled where and when identified.

Grid Eye

By counting the number of people in a space, the use management of space can be more safely and efficiently managed

Optional inputs
  • Sub-Metering
  • External Sensors
  • Vibration Analysis

Real-time insight, analytics, and control

Combined with Symphony Cloud, our data visualisation and control platform, Symphony Welltech offers you the most powerful facilities management tool available.

Discover Symphony Cloud

Managing the new normal

Optimal indoor air quality should be a key part of any COVID re-entry plan. Our sensors ensure that the risk of airborne transmission is reduced by monitoring airflow and CO2 levels. Demand automation technology will keep workspaces adequately ventilated to your pre-set parameters. 

Reducing the risk of airborne transmission:
•     Monitors and automatically responds to demand
•     Visible sensors boost occupants’ confidence
•     Display key air quality metrics in the workspace

Demand automation technology plays a key role in reaching net-zero by turning your building into a smart, energy efficient one.

Much more than an IAQ sensor

Our sensors have the ability to monitor and also control key metrics for optimal indoor conditions which go beyond air quality control to include light, temperature, occupancy, and more. This allows your facilities manager to receive and respond to data about the comfort, use, and energy efficiency of each space.

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