Fine-tuned, energy efficient buildings

We offer a range of services that will optimise your buildings energy performance and set you on the most cost-efficient path to net zero.

Building Energy Optimisation

From smart retro-fitting to custom solutions for new builds

No matter the age or complexity of your portfolio, we help you to understand and rethink the way your buildings use energy. Our goal is to deliver optimal energy performance in the most cost effective manner.

As a key partner in helping you achieve your net zero targets, we will help you provide quantifiable and measurable evidence of your sustainability actions.

We will help you find unrivalled energy savings on the most cost-efficient path to net-zero and with our no-risk EPC contracts, you only pay what you save.

Waste Heat Recycling

Recycle your waste heat into usable energy

The patented Symphony Cycle offers 10%–20% energy savings that would otherwise be lost. This licensable control algorithm is a ‘quick win’ when it comes to making significant energy savings on the path to net-zero alignment.

Symphony Cycle works by recycling waste heat into usable heat and water cooling. Suitable buildings can easily implement through a change in programming to the BMS/BAS that is already controlling your HVAC plant.

Indoor Air Quality

A smart approach to IAQ

Experts have advised that COVID-19 presents an immediate risk to workplaces. As we manage the new normal, it’s important to reassure people that their office is a safe place to be.

We have developed an IAQ package that includes smart environmental sensors, a powerful insights platform, and demand-led technology.

Designed with one eye on energy optimisation, our sensors automatically read key metrics for indoor air quality and instructs your HVAC to react according to preset thresholds.

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