Let's rethink the way that buildings use energy to create a more sustainable, energy-efficient future for business.

Smarter solutions for your buildings

Our pioneering technology will make your buildings smarter, healthier, and more energy efficient.

Our goal is energy efficiency that is good for the planet and good for your balance sheet.

That’s why we invest heavily in our research and development to create hardware, software, and demand logic that will affect real change in your energy usage and building performance.

Our products

Symphony Welltech

The smart sensor that can do so much more

Much more than an environmental sensor, Symphony Welltech is the latest development in our demand automation technology ecosystem. Offering deep insights and unrivalled control, our sensors set you up for success.

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Symphony Cloud

An all in one data, insights, & building efficiency platform

Arguably the most powerful building management tool in the world. Our intuitive and fully customisable platform integrates online metering with the display and monitoring of your building data, as well as providing advanced control capabilities.

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Symphony Cycle

Our patented control algorithm that is revolutionising energy efficiency

By recycling waste heat into usable heat and water cooling we are able to find 10%–20% energy savings that would otherwise be lost. License Symphony Cycle and see an immediate and measurable impact in your energy consumption.

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