January 19, 2023

Symphony Energy Featured in The Irish Climate Tech Opportunity 2023 Report

Written by

Tom Ascough

A new report by PwC and SustainabilityWorks titled ‘The Irish Climate Tech Opportunity 2023’ showcases some of Ireland’s innovative climate tech entrepreneurs whose solutions will help make net zero a reality.

We are delighted to be featured alongside several other great companies who are leading innovation in the climate tech space. Here's an excerpt:

Smart Building Management

Wicklow-based technology company, Symphony Energy was born from the founders’ experience in the energy services industry. Over 10 years, through self-financing and bootstrapping, Symphony Energy has developed solutions to optimise efficiencies within the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) components of a building’s energy system. Engineer and Managing Director, Tom Ascough, explains how they do this: “In order to get the three HVAC components to work in symphony, we set up the HVAC operations to match the environmental signature (a kind of blueprint) of the building and use technology, including algorithms, to automatically change the settings based on the demands of the building”. Their patented Symphony Cycle algorithm harmonises the cooling and heating needs of a building by recycling waste heat to where it’s needed in a building. While their WellTech sensors can detect and measure conditions such as movement within a meeting room and update ventilation needs based on this measurement. Their vision is to enable a cost-efficient transition to net zero.

Learn more or read the report here.

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