Let's rethink the way that buildings use energy to create a more sustainable, energy-efficient future for business.

Pioneering solutions need
pioneering finance options

Fine-tuned, energy efficient buildings

We offer a range of services that will optimise your buildings energy performance and set you on the most cost-efficient path to net zero.

We forensically analyse the specifics of each building and its unique set of design, installation and operational differences

This requires a tailored rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, meaning the full scope of work is not identifiable until the project is significantly underway. This process means pricing fairly upfront is difficult, and it’s why we’ve created an innovative financing solution to address the challenge.

Risk avoidance

Symphony Energy has the knowhow to de-risk project investment and deliver the energy savings that it predicts. We achieve this by offering our engineering solutions via turnkey energy performance contracts (EPCs). A Symphony Energy EPC insulates you from any energy savings performance risk and guarantees that any investment you make is paid for by the savings generated.

Flexible financing

Symphony Energy’s EPCs typically guarantee significant savings (30-80%) on a Simple Payback Period of four years. The EPC itself can be client-financed or Symphony Energy-financed:

Client financed

You pay 25% of the estimated contract value (annual savings multiplied by the Simple Payback Period) at the start of the project. You then pay 50% after the main physical works are completed onsite, and settle the balance after the energy performance savings are proven.

Symphony financed

You make no capital investment; instead, this is covered by Symphony Energy. We in turn are repaid by whatever savings materialise over the Simple Payback Period, which commence once our solution has been deployed and fine-tuned. An additional payback duration of 1.5 years is usually added if we finance the process.

Paid for by savings

Whether client or Symphony Energy-financed, the investment is paid for by the savings it generates – with Symphony Energy always carrying the energy savings performance risk, no matter which finance option you choose.

Innovative financing, zero risk

Symphony Energy offers you access to the most powerful building energy optimisation technology on the market without requiring you to take risky investments or sign up to opaque finance options:

• Measurable, sustainable savings
• Options to suit your budget levels
• Transparent processes for peace of mind
• Guaranteed savings that pay off your investment
• All designed to help you hit your net zero targets.

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