Tesco Ireland

Ireland’s largest building

Tesco Ireland
Ireland’s largest building

We partnered with Tesco to create a unique solution that is now exceeding energy savings targets, delivering improved environmental conditions, and providing deep insight into their building’s systems.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Tesco sought a means to reduce its warehouse gas and ventilation electricity consumption within a 3-year payback. This ruled out any significant system replacement or change. Using our Symphony Cloud solution with onsite electronics and sensor tech, we have exceeded our energy savings commitments while outperforming the payback target.

The new onsite BEMS (Building Energy Management System) installed by us integrates the pre-existing system controls with new sensors and a powerful suite of refined system control algorithms. These algorithms process IoT data from the Cloud and in turn operate the heating and ventilation plant using predictive weather optimisation.

Improving Building Performance

Apart from delivering impressive savings within a short payback period, the environmental conditions for the team of warehouse operatives is improved and better regulated.

The facilities manager now has an unprecedented level of building and system performance visibility that allows his team to better and more cost effectively manage and maintain the plant. Our Cloud solution puts control at their fingertips via their smartphones or laptops, empowering them to make better facilities management decisions while ensuring minimised or no break in the provision of optimised operating conditions.

A future de-fossilised heat pump solution can now be sized more accurately saving an estimated €1m in system capacity costs, saving on significant avoided space usage and saving on higher future maintenance and lifecycle renewal costs. This Symphony solution has perhaps provided the key component for Tesco to achieve a highly cost and energy efficient path towards net zero carbon for its National Distribution Centre.

Tesco’s NDC is now operating on cost savings of more than 60%
Estimated €1m savings in system capacity costs
Progress towards Tesco’s net-zero by 2050 target

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