McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors

7,000 sq.m office at Harbourmaster 2

McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors
7,000 sq.m office at Harbourmaster 2

On a 3.5 year payback, we transformed the energy consumption of this 1990’s building inline with the high performance expected from today’s modern buildings. These savings were achieved without a deep retrofit budget.

A High Performance Solution

Although the facilities and energy in this building was being managed by a renowned international facilities management company, the client nevertheless was keen on a Symphony solution.

New VSDs were installed on heating and cooling system pumps and air handling system fans. A new lead condensing boiler was retrofitted in series with the existing atmospheric modular boilers. The above equipment was combined with a range of field sensors, combined with the pre-existing BMS and integrated into a new onsite BEMS programmed with our high performance algorithms.

Energy Savings + A Comfortable Working Environment

These algorithms were programmed to match the building’s environmental signature in tune with that of the HVAC plant delivering the services. This resulted in extensive energy savings and a more comfortable working environment for the building's occupants. The facilities management team were provided with a smartphone app for monitoring and control purposes.

78% total building gas
86% HVAC electricity savings 
Finalist for the 2014 SEAI Energy Awards

No need for an expensive retrofit
Huge gas and electricity savings
A more comfortable working environment

Let's talk about how we can help you
reach your sustainability targets.

Symphony Energy
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