The Symphony Energy Solution

The process involves a first principles review of the building’s environmental physics and equipment, in conjunction with actual usage patterns. It also includes a design review of the existing HVAC systems and if necessary, their re-commissioning. Some surgery on these systems may follow if new efficiency opportunities are identified. This may include pipework re-configuration, the replacement, enhancement or upgrade of existing plant, introduction of new field actuators, controls and sensors. In all situations, the various solutions are orchestrated under the control of a Symphony Energy control system in a manner that integrates the skills of professional building engineering design, installation and software engineering under one roof.

The Symphony Energy control system uses BMS hardware from Loytec, Austria. Loytec produce award winning, high caliber BMS equipment capable of communicating with most other existing BMS systems. By virtue of its programmability, reliability and high data processing speeds the Loytec devices are more akin to industrial grade PLC equipment than to traditional BMS hardware. The Symphony Energy control system introduces tailor made control routines programmed into the Loytec equipment that is in turn communicated through the existing BMS system – typically using LonWorks, BACnet or Modbus industry standard protocols. These new control algorithms integrate they key elements of the building’s heating, ventilation and cooling systems so they complement each other rather than behave as independent entities.  This is necessary in order to maintain comfort conditions within the building while minimising the associated energy consumption. This joined-up-thinking between systems and demand based approach requires very careful solution appraisal, implementation and subsequent system programming. It can be delivered with incredible results using the right combination of engineering know-how and technology. Symphony Energy brings both together.

The depth of energy savings achievable through a Symphony Energy type approach invariably involves smartly engineered algorithms and system programming. Although potentially complex under the bonnet, Symphony Energy has developed its solutions to ensure that clients have a simple and effective user interface with their building controls.

From time to time an unusual combination of weather or building usage change may necessitate intervention for the HVAC systems to deliver more output than delivered automatically. On such rare occasions, a client can intervene and resolve the situation within a 2-touch response of an app on their smartphone, tablet or pc. Such intervention sends a “boost” or “max” signal to the Symphony Energy system. This in turn sets off a pre-tuned combination of events to deliver the necessary system output to deal with the unusual circumstances. In effect, clients can make the perfect response in an instantaneous manner to a building comfort issue and effect this if even out of the office or on the other side of the world. Symphony Energy therefore tackles sophisticated energy usage challenges yet does so through a simple client user interface.