Our Projects

UK Headquarters of Global IT Company($100B+)

Implemented 2015/2016
200,000 sq. ft. mixed office/lab, UK

Pre existing energy efficient plant-condensing boilers, modern chillers and cooling towers, VSDs
New-actuators, controllers, sensors, Loytec PLC controller, algorithms & programming, small  chiller, extra VSDs, hydraulic/ pipework adjustments
Extensive Year 1 remote monitoring and fine tuning. Ongoing management until end of contract Term

70% Energy Savings
3.5 Year EPC

Boliden Tara Mines

Implented 2015
Main Shower/Locker Facility

Originally, oil boilers used for space and hot water heating. The facility was poorly insulated.
New -  heat pumps, actuators, controller, sensors, Loytec PLC controller, algorithms & programming, VSDs, pump, hydraulic/pipework adjustments, facility insulation retro fit, heat recovery ventilation, shower head replacement, radiator circuits.
Extensive Year 1 remote monitoring and fine tuning. Ongoing management until end of contract Term

87% Energy Savings
3.3 Year EPC

Harbourmaster Place, IFSC, Dublin 1

Implented 2013/2014

This 65,000sq.ft multi-tenant office building built in the 1990s is the former HQ of McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors. It is a fully air conditioned building under the facilities and energy management of Aramark Corporation.

The Symphony Energy solutions were implemented between November – December 2013. The building switched over to Symphony Energy control just before Christmas 2013. Based on preliminary measured data, it is anticipated that full year energy savings will be to the order of a 70% reduction in HVAC electricity and 50% in total building gas consumption. This will be achieved within a payback of less than 3 years.

80% Energy Savings
3.5 Year EPC

Friends First House, Dublin 2

Ascough Consulting Engineers previously extracted 40% total building electricity and 40% total building gas savings from this 70,000sq.ft 2002 building in 2010. Symphony Energy was implemented in February 2014. It is anticipated that a further 10% in electricity and 10% in gas savings can be achieved within a 3 year payback. 

Previous Projects

Ascough Consulting Engineers has a 100% client satisfaction track record. Part of the journey leading to the creation of Symphony Energy included the successful completion of various energy focused projects for the following clients: -

  • University College Dublin
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Eircom
  • Friends First
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
  • Jesuit Community Milltown Park
  • Allied Irish Bank